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What makes us so confident that we can be your preferred full-service partner for Gotland is our key asset – our team! A dedicated group of individuals who are committed to show you the best the destination has to offer whilst also providing the very best service. We work tirelessly to ensure we exceed any expectations – Attention to detail, forward thinking and creativity makes us confident that you’ll see the unique touches that make us stand out.

The success lies in the details

When you arrive in Visby you might think you’ve arrived in another country than Sweden, and in a sense you have. Gotland is different, the pace is slower, there’s time to think, time to care and time to create memories that will last you a lifetime.

Since Gotland is unique and there is so much to see and experience, we think you might need a guide to show you around in order not to miss anything vital. We know where to find the best Gotlandsdricke (local traditional ale, only found on the island), were the best pretzels are baked and which biking routes are most beautiful. In addition we are fully updated about all hotels, meeting venues, restaurants and everything else needed to make your visit a success.

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