Case: Incentive

250 people, June 4–7 2015

The Task

One of Sweden’s largest companies within a particular industry asked us how we would hold a four-day travel award on the Swedish island of Gotland in early June of 2015 for two hundred and fifty of their leading salespeople. The company had polled their salespeople and asked which destination they would like to visit. They voted for Gotland, and by a significant margin.

Previously they had visited the Swedish mountains, and enjoyed the idea of ​​staying together in cottages, which ensures that the salespeople were able to get to know one another more intimately. This is an ideal way to advance group cohesion and was one of the underlying goals of the trip in that the local offices would be able to interconnect.

The Challenge

We tackled the challenge the company had put forward and thought about the optimal way we could tailor a comprehensive solution that combined both; a rewarding the salespeople and yet still encouraging participants to interact with one another, promoting group cohesion.

The Solution

We chose a unique solution where participants travelled with Destination Gotland boats from either Oskarshamn or Nynashamn harbours. Once they had arrived in the World Heritage Town of Visby, they were transferred by bus to Gustavsvik’s Holiday Village. Each participant was allocated a bicycle and each office was allocated a cabin. All the cabins included a refrigerator fully stocked with ingredients for an evening barbecue, which each cabin then had to prepare and cook themselves.

Meanwhile, the participants could also enjoy a shared VIP-area complete with DJ, bar and extra activities.

The days that followed offered a packed program including the Gotland Classic whereby different teams were tasked with cycling round historic town of Visby to solve various tasks that, in turn, strengthened group cohesion. The day was rounded off with an exclusive beach party at the local beach club Kallis, recently named by the Times as ‘’the best beach club in Europe”.

The festivities continued with “A Toast to the World Heritage site” and a gala dinner at Wisby Strand Congress and Event. Meanwhile participants were still able to freely explore Visby, which the majority did, before once again boarding their boat and returning home richer for the experience.

The Upshot

The participants’ feedback was very positive since, as they stated, they had experienced many aspects of Gotland and the activities were suited to this particular group ensuring that it was not only great fun, but also created a sense of unity within the offices and the company identity had also been strengthened.

Following four very fun days in Visby, participants left Visby Marina very happy and as a more interconnected and cohesive group.