Case: Sporting Event

600 people, Aug 27–30 2015

The Task

One of the major State enterprises in Sweden, which also operate on the Swedish island of Gotland, approached us to assist them with the implementation of a sporting tournament for their personnel’s thirteen internal sports’ clubs who came from all across the country. The customer requirements included taking care of all the logistics related to travel, accommodation, lunches, evening parties, rental bikes etc. The customer arranged the actual sporting events themselves in conjunction with local sports clubs.

The Challenge

The customer estimated that the total number of participants would be approximately 500-800 however since the bookings would be obtained from a total of thirteen different sports clubs, an obvious large margin of error existed. One of the greatest challenges was then to ensure availability for both the accommodation and ferry tickets. This task was problematic, in that, the booking was for a weekend during the last week of August; a very attractive time to visit Gotland, where the entire island is always very heavily booked.

The Solution

In conjunction with the customer, we quickly sent a first preliminary registration notice that included two accommodation alternatives.

One was the chance to book a hotel in central located and historically beautiful Hanseatic town of Visby while the other was more modest cottage accommodation on the outskirts of Visby. Included in the registration form were five different ferry departure times from both the harbours of either Oskarshamn or Nynäshamn.

The Upshot

The upshot of our pre-emptive measures ensured that six hundred participants were afforded the opportunity to experience the historical Swedish island of Gotland, which showered our guests with sunshine and beautiful weather!

The two-day sporting events ran without a hitch thanks in part to the ever-present staff from Hansa Incoming who supervised the ferry arrivals, accommodation check-ins, distribution of rental bikes and lunches. Furthermore, Hansa Incoming was even at the helm for the closing gala at Wisby Strand Congress and Event where all six hundred guests were in attendance for a sumptuous feast while the setting sun gently poured over guests and glittered across their views of Baltic Sea.

Live entertainment and a DJ guaranteed that the festive atmosphere was at its peak until the wee hours.

At both the ferry’s harbour and Visby Airport on the fourth and final day we waved farewell to our satisfied guests who were still buzzing from the experience. The overall rating from both our customer and their employees was the best we could have hoped for.