About Gotland and Visby

Information and tips from Hansa Incoming

Gotland’s glorious natural surroundings range from lush and inviting landscapes to barren environment with small shrubs and bushes. These types of settings with rugged limestone sea-stacks (rauk) appeal to adventurous tourists and keen botanists alike. Gotland’s diverse environs are a virtual paradise for all visitors with special interests.

Few places in Sweden are so rich in history as Gotland, typified by burial grounds, limestone picture stones from the Iron Age, Viking treasures and medieval churches.

You might even have heard Gotland jokingly referred to as Limestone’s Hawaii. Long before human civilisation, Gotland lay in tropical waters close to the equator, and it was there that limestone foundations formed which Gotland now rests upon. The weather, wind and the Ice Age have bestowed the island with a unique natural setting and at several coastal locations limestone sea-stacks (rauk) can be seen and touched.